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PY1 pyramid

What is the PY1 pyramid?

Is PY1 a permanent installation?

What different programming are offered?

Where does the name PY1 comes from?

Is PY1 accessible to people with reduced mobility?

What’s the audience capacity?

Is there A/C in the pyramid?

Is there parking available for cars and bicycles on site?

Is it allowed to consume food or drinks in the venue?

Is it possible to rent the pyramid?

Through the Echoes

What is Through the Echoes?

Where can I purchase my tickets for Through the Echoes?

Do you offer group discounts and family packages?

How long is Through the Echoes?

Can children attend the show?

How far in advance should we plan to arrive?

Is there assigned seating?

Is there a specific dress code?

Can people with epilepsy or photo-sensitivities attend this show?

Can I use my phone during the show?

PY1 Nights

What are PY1 Nights?

Where can I purchase my tickets for PY1 Nights?

What is the minimum age to attend an event?

What time do PY1 Nights start?

How many different thematic worlds are there?

Do I have to wear a costume to attend an event?

Where can I find inspiration for my costume?

Which DJs will be playing?

Is it possible to book a table?

Is there a coatcheck available in the pyramid?

PY1 Pyramid