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A collision of all thematic worlds for one epic night

As our journey in DFW is coming to an end, our thematic worlds will collide for the first time at the PY1 pyramid in Arlington! This is the perfect occasion to discover worlds you could have missed or simply revisit them one last time! You do not want to miss this special edition before the pyramid leaves for a new city on March 1st!

When & Where

PY1 Nights begin at 9:30PM and run to 2AM

Get directions

This night is for everyone!

This night is for everyone!

💫 Cosmic explorers
🏄 Spacetime-wanderers
💥 Pop-art villains
🔊 Bass lover
🌈 Free-thinkers
🤘 Steampunks
🤩 Dreamers & laughers

How to dress?

Follow the guide below or get inspired with our moodboards!

You get "carte blanche" for this first ever collision of the worlds! Dress yourself in twisted pastels of Candy World or with the feathers of Karnival! Channel the superheroes of POP or the bohemian spirits of Astral Plane. Be crazy, be pretty and most of all, be yourself.

Too many worlds in one night? Go for one then!

PY1 Pyramid